View Full Version : Product Testers Wanted! Incredibrush DMC Cover

08-07-2015, 06:55 AM
If anybody wants to enter hop on over to the Microfiber Madness FB page and post your picture of your Incredibrush! Post it here too!



Our Microfiber Madness Incredibrush made big waves on the car detailing market since the release 3 month ago. So its time to continue this successful story with the next step! And YOU can be part of this development:
We know, that not even cleaning the wheel barrels could be a pain: After rinsing your cleaned wheels, the barrels and angles will be full of water beads, which will dry and may leave water spots - especially on dark colored wheels. So we thought, if you already hold the worlds finest wheel brush in your hands, it would be a nice idea to have an exchangeable cover for drying! This will change the brush into a Multi-Tool!
So here we are with our Incredibrush Drying Cover! It will perfectly fit on the Incredibrush and is made of our famous Dry Me Crazy fabric for a scratch free drying. Before we start the final production, WE WANT YOU for a final testing! So we are giving away 4 prototype covers to our fans all over the world who already own a Incredibrush. The only thing you have to do for a chance to win: Post a picture of your brush in action in this Facebook post or send us an email with a picture. We will randomly pick 4 customers and send the Drying Cover to you for free! We only please you to give us a short feedback what you think - thats all you have to do! Final date for posting / sending pictures is 14th of August 2015. Good luck!"