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Steven Beccia
08-16-2016, 04:54 PM
I would like to offer my Review for the soon-to-be-released Ultima Waterless Wash Acrylic that I received from the contest giveaway. Thank you Corey.

This will be in several parts. Please have patience as I upload the images.

Products as received:

1 Empty 22 oz Sprayer bottle, with Sprayer
1 16 oz bottle of Ultima Waterless Wash Acrylic Concentrate

MSRP: $20.95 for the 16 oz concentrate, $24.95 for 16 oz concentrate + sprayer.

Scent: Tropical, almost pina colada scented. very strong in concentrate, pleasantly scented when diluted.


Upon receipt of products, I was commissioned by a coworker to test out the product on her black mustang, in dire need of a wash.

I decided to mix up the product two ways for this test: the recommended Waterless Wash dilution and the recommended Rinseless Wash dilution.

Waterless Wash dilution: 1 oz of concentrate + 21 oz of water in the 22 oz sprayer. ($1.30 concentrate product cost)
Rinseless Wash dilution: 2 oz of concentrate in 3 gals of water. ($2.60 concentrate product cost)

Steven Beccia
08-16-2016, 05:11 PM
Initial conditions of the 2013 Mustang:


Typical dusty, dirty, normal everyday grime and dirt accumulation that comes with not washing the car for some time. This test was done in a parking garage, in 92F temperatures with ~57% humidity. Took all of 30 minutes to wash, including time to educate the owner on the two, new (to her) wash techniques. Wheels and tires not cleaned in this test.

The driver's side was washed completely with the Waterless Wash technique: Liberally spray the vehicle's surface with solution, fold a clean microfiber in 4ths and spray the towel once with the solution, wipe gently across the surface, turn to a clean portion of the towel, wipe, repeat until surface is clean. Buff the residue with a separate towel - I used a Microfiber Madness Waverider Jr. (as i typically do for all rinseless/waterless washes). Half the car used about 1/3 bottle of solution - i applied liberally, probably more than was necessary. I don't care for the Waterless wash technique, so I probably overdid it with solution to reduce marring as much as possible.

The passenger's side was washed completely with the Microfiber Rinseless Wash technique: towels are soaked in the bucket; one is removed, wrung out so still damp but not dripping, and proceed to wash the panel (no pre-spray). Turn the towel to clean sides when needed, buff off residue with Waverider.
All in all, there was really little difference in the performance of the product between the two techniques, in the shade of a parking garage. The product sprayed on effectively, wiped off effortlessly and buffed to an amazing shine. With rinseless, the product performed similarly to many other rinseless wash solutions, but the added polycharged Acrylic sealant really made the paint shine.

Some after photos:

886 887888

Steven Beccia
08-16-2016, 05:29 PM
Some outdoor after shots. Very glossy, very slick. This paint has not yet been corrected.


Overall Impressions: This is a very good wash and protect 'eco' wash product.

Pros: very clear dilution ratios, easy application and removal - in the shade (more to come, below), non streaking, great scent (if that is of importance to you - i've tested other products that had very strong solvent smells or just unpleasant smells to them).

Cons: Pricey - as shown earlier, per the recommended dilution ratios, you'll use $1.30 per spray bottle for waterless, using approximately 1/2 - 2/3 bottle per car (liberally), and $2.60 per rinseless bucket - that will last a while tho, as the solution doesn't get dirtied up through use (just keep restocking with fresh microfibers as needed).

I will keep this test ongoing to see when, *if*, there is a point where the premixed rinseless solution is not viable anymore (mold growth, musty, mildew smells, etc).

Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely - again, this is a wonderful wash and seal solution, and a product that will easily enhance the look of your vehicle in no time at all. There's the learning curve, for a new user, for using 'eco' wash techniques, but that is short lived. Ultima is a standout company that has produced innovative products for a long time now, and this is one more ace offering from them.

*bonus testing, below*

Steven Beccia
08-16-2016, 05:52 PM
*i did want to stress test this product on two more vehicles, in NON ideal conditions*
*there is a small disclaimer buried in the Instructions to 'Avoid contact with surfaces too hot to the touch. It would maybe more beneficial to consumers to have that disclaimer in a more prominent position.

2010 Ford Escape, Black. We have been experiencing a heat wave here and i wanted to see how UWWA performs in direct sunlight in higher than normal temps (97F, 51% humidity)

In direct sunlight, using the Waterless Wash solution, when sprayed on a panel, the solution flashed and evaporated faster than normal (obviously), and the product left behind would smear on the surfaces - see the window pic, below. no amount of buffing with clean towels would rid the surface of the smears, 100%. this was typical of all panels, glass or paint. trim did not seem to be effected. this was at recommended dilution, but in elevated temperatures and in direct sun - not ideal washing conditions, but conditions that one may choose (or have to) to wash a vehicle.

Possible solutions to combat streakiness may be to have a more dilute mixture on hand, say 3/4 oz or even 1/2 oz per 22 oz bottle. This will require more testing at those concentrations to verify tho.


Later that day, I decided to test the rinseless solution. This had given the sun and the temperatures to really work on the surface of the 2007 Toyota Corolla, blue. This really did a number on UWWA - the solution would nearly instantly flash off as soon as the wet towel passed over the panel, picking up the dirt, but leaving residue behind that would not be buffed off with the waffle weave if I waited more than a second or so. With a re-pass of the wash towel and quick buff with the waffle weave the residue was removed.

*Avoid contact with surfaces too hot to the touch*

again, this is in full sun, high heat, and the car had been sitting out all day.

Some of the panels so hot -the roof, for example - that, when the towel is flipped to a clean side, the dirty side of the towel would almost be too hot to touch.

*Avoid contact with surfaces too hot to the touch*

Also, and I'll try to upload these images as well, there were instances where a towel was laid upon a clean panel, a hot panel, and allowed to rest for a few seconds. When removed, it left behind a patchwork of concentrate behind, which was unable to be removed with re-wetting. Like did not remove like, in these extreme conditions.

*Avoid contact with surfaces too hot to the touch*

Follow the dilution ratios and always wash in the shade, if possible, to maximize the potential of any rinseless/waterless/eco product.

Steven Beccia
08-16-2016, 07:15 PM
The next step is to look into using it as an interior cleaner/quick detailer.

Also, i'll be monitoring all 3 cars washed for longevity/durability of the sealant.

08-17-2016, 12:04 AM
Thanks for the review Steven. Where did you find the price?

Steven Beccia
08-17-2016, 11:58 AM
I have a certain set of... skills..

Corey was able to reach out to the manufacturer for the intended MSRP. Not sure if that will be the final retail price.

08-17-2016, 03:52 PM
Nice review, thanks very much for making time to do it for us! It is very much appreciated!!

Steven Beccia
08-23-2016, 06:14 PM
I'll be following up on this product in a few days, at the two week mark, to see how it has held up against dirt accumulation on a few daily drivers. All parked outside overnight, 2 of 3 parked in a parking garage during the day.