View Full Version : Bought all my components, would like some input on a maintenance plan

03-27-2019, 12:48 PM
2018 Accord Pearl White
Cquartz applied by a local installer two weeks ago

I purchased a Sunjoe 4000, lance and MTM foam cannon
I have CarPro Reset, Elixr and Hydro2foam. I also have Reload, but not sure I need to use it.

On previous vehicles I was wax every 6 months, auto wash, Meguiars spray wax and Meg QD, and to be honest, my 12 year old Sonata paint still looked lovely and wet. These coatings are a new thing for me, so I want to setup the right regimen. Washing at home, instead of auto wash, may not lead to weekly washes which I prefer.

I'll be foaming the car with Reset and HydroFoam, hand washing with a mit and the two bucket method. Part of the reasoning for wanting to use HydroFoam is I also have painted enkei wheels now which it will help coat, and I bought soft brushes for them. So first question:

Is alternating back and forth between Reset and HydroFoam a good plan for weekly or biweekly washes?

How often should I use Elixr? I generally used Meg Spray Wax after every auto wash, as soon as I got home.

If I am using HydroFoam and Elixr on a regimen, do I even need to use Reload?

With this setup will I ever have to cquartz the car again, or will these products keep the paint protected from the environment?

If I had to use an auto wash for some reason, would Elixr be the step as soon as I go home, or should I use reload?