View Full Version : Ceramic Coating Need Deep Clean or Failing?

11-25-2019, 06:22 PM
Hello All,

I purchased a brand new 19 STI in February of this year. I waited until Spring (April-ish)to prep and put 2 layers of Cquartz UK 3.0 on the Body, Wheels, and Calipers. Everything was looking and working great until recently...

My car went 1.5-2 months without getting washed as 1) The herniated discs in my back were not wanting to play nice 2) Any day I felt like I could push through a detail, it'd rain.... Anyway, I was finally able to wash it this weekend. To my surprise, water is clinging to paint on my car as if there isn't a coating on it at all. BUT the Wheels and Calipers are still sheeting water like day one.

I moved to a bigger place in June and lost my carport for parking. Unlike my last place, there are also a bunch of trees in the yard/driveway. My question is; could my coating be coated in some form of tree fallout that is inhibiting the ceramic properties? I feel like something has to be up as the ceramic coating is holding up great on my Wheels and Calipers, and those were much more of a pain to prep than the body panels. So if I had failed to prep/apply properly, I figure those would be behaving the same as well.

Just some info that may help:

I wash with Carpro Reset
2 bucket method
Microfiber Madness Mitt
Microfiber Madness towels to dry

Thanks in advanced!