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Thread: Product Review: CarPro Spotless

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    Post Product Review: CarPro Spotless

    Product Review: CarPro Spotless

    Ever since “coatings” have come out there has been one seemingly constant and nagging problem with them. Most of them bead water to such a degree that they have a tendency to create water spots as the water dries. On sealant and waxes most people were not as worried because you could polish it off and re-apply your wax. But with coatings you spent all that time and money on them and you really don’t want to have to strip it off and re-apply. Enter CarPro Spotless, a water spot & mineral remover developed specifically to do the job while still maintain the integrity of our coatings. When Spotless came out I knew that I needed to try it as my BLACK truck sits outside 24/7 while being coated. So the water spotting problems are very prevalent on the roof and hood.

    Product Description / Claims:
    Spotless paint is a beautiful thing, but it is difficult to maintain in a world of hard, mineral-laden water without constant polishing. CarPro Spotless chemically breaks down the mineral deposits left behind by water droplets (Otherwise known as ‘water spots’) before they can etch into the finish, thus negating the need for time consuming abrasive correction, and prolonging the life of the paint. If left unattended, water spotting can cause permanent damage to the most resilient of vehicle surfaces, including automotive clear coat, bright work trim, and glass! Even sealants and coatings are not fully impervious to some harsh mineral deposits and can benefit from periodic chemical water-spot removal to keep them at the peak of their functional and aesthetic performance. Spotless’s proprietary blend of carefully balanced gentle acids safely removes heavy mineral deposits on most vehicle surfaces, and can even be used to help maintain our CQuartz line of nanotechnology coatings. If you are looking for a fast and efficient water-spot remover to dissolve unsightly bonded mineral contaminants from your car or motorcycle, CarPro Spotless is the solution to your problems.

    • Advanced balanced-acid formula safely dissolves hard-water deposited mineral residues before etching can occur.
    • Developed to quickly remove damaging water spots on both single-stage and clear-coated paint finishes.
    • Excellent for use on glass
    • Safe on chrome, stainless steel, plastic, and rubber trim
    • Compatible and safe for use on all CQuartz Nano-Coatings.

    Product Details:
    Packaging: Clear Cylindrical Bottle with Plastic spray head
    Directions: Simple and easy
    Color: Clear
    Scent: Citrus
    Pricing: $10 @ 500ml / $12 @ 1L

    1.Shake well.
    2.Spray on the surface
    3.Work in the solution with sponge or CarPro applicator over the surface.
    4.Wipe off with MF, rinse well with water.
    5.Repeat steps 1-4 if necessary.

    Warnings or Precautions:
    • Acidic solution - wear disposable gloves while working to avoid possible skin irritation.
    • Test in an inconspicuous place before using elsewhere
    • Do Not Ingest
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Do not spray in eyes - Wear eye protection to be safe
    • May affect windscreen/window coatings and traditional sealants and waxes

    For testing I used the roof of my truck since it sits outside 24/7 and develops more spotting that the vertical panels.


    Spotless applied and being worked in:

    Restored finish:

    Random 50/50 of another test

    • It works…
    • Price
    • No need for compounding to remove water spots

    • Acidic solution that can irritate skin and eyes.

    • What happens if you don’t get Spotless totally neutralized or removed?

    Final Thought / Summary:
    Based on my testing Spotless is the real deal. It quickly and easily helps to remove water spots and minerals without the need to pullout a polisher. It is the first water-spot remover that works without a lot of scrubbing or elbow grease. In my opinion if you have a coating where you get spotting or just bad water spots on glass or your paint of your uncharted vehicle you need to try CarPro Spotless.

    I also have some videos in process that I will add to this review in the future. Thanks for looking.

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    I hope I never need to use Spotless on my GT, awesome review and thanks for sharing!

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    Excellent review Troy!! Thank you for making time to do it, and share it with us!
    Signature Car Care... Authorized CQuartz Finest Installer
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    Troy does it again! Great review! Thanks for sharing
    Dr. Claude Tremblay, Co-owner/Senior Detailer, Certified CQuartz Finest Installer

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    Awesome work Troy!! Another brilliant review by you!!

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    Thanks Guys !!!

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