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Thread: Will CarPro Tar-X remove excess mold release on new tires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisDA View Post
    Certainly dress them afterwards to help to stop this from happening again. CarPro Pearl is amazing as a dressing.
    Not sure how this can happen again,as it is only there(mold release agent)one time only, when the tires were manufactured. I want to make sure all the Tar-x is out of the tire pores,as it soaks in pretty good when first sprayed on,before I dress them with Blackfire tire gel. Thanks,Huck
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    The best recipe for getting rid of moldiness is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at home. It is well known that the fungus likes a warm and humid environment, so the best antidote to it is to air the rooms and get rid of unnecessary moisture in a timely manner. Carefully check the taps, pipes, avoid water to fall behind the drawers and the sink, bathroom, and other equipment. Well, but if it has already appeared, then use special products to remove it.

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