After the leather was cleaned I used the balm (but again not completely following directions) I applied it with my hands.

Using my fingers I gently rubbed the leather balm into all the crevices. I must admit it was a sensual experience.
Although it looks "shiny" in the above picture when it dries it has a matte satin finish and a subtle leather fragrance.

I really like the "look and feel" when it is dry and visually it seemed like a lot of the fine leather "cracks" disappeared.

Manufacturers listing

Waxaddict Leather Balm

Waxaddict has taken their finest wax ingredients and mixed them with organic oils to make a luxury leather balm.
The oils restore old and worn leather and the wax helps protect the surface from outside conditions such as UV radiation.
Conditions deep into leather, vinyl or artico and leaves a classic leather fragrance.
Use Waxaddict Leather Balm for protection after the surface has been cleaned with the Waxaddict Leather Cleaner.


Classic Leather Scent
Safe for Leather, Vinyl and Artico

Application by Hand:

Apply after using Waxaddict Leather Cleaner using a dye safe (colorless) soft foam pad.
Work in gently with minimal pressure, leave for 20 mins and buff using a clean dye safe (colorless) cloth.
For best results use on a hot day with the windows up or with the heater on, the hot interior will open up the leather pores and allow for deep conditioning.

Note: Always test a small area first and ALWAYS use dye safe color free cloths.


Very simply, this is an easy-to-use "safe" product that created a soft luxurious leather finish.
Although the leather is only a couple of years old, it made the leather surfaces softer & smoother.
It does not have the "slick" feel or "shine" that I have experienced with most leather conditioners.
I later wiped the leather surfaces lightly with a dry side of the towel to remove any excess product.

It simply does what it claims. It helps restore & preserve leather & it has a classic fine leather scent.
I am happy with the products and happy with the results.