Cquartz UK 3.0 topped with GLISS - Corrected and coated 2018 Aston Martin DB11

A brief rundown on this vehicle,

I picked it up in late December, and the dealer was told to not touch the paint. Once I took delivery the car was hand clayed and decontaminated.

Due to weather and my work schedule I did not have time to correct the paint but applied 2 coats of classic on the vehicle.


A few reasons,
- I wasnít sure how much I would actually be driving it till I knew I would have time for a correction in the spring (in my line of work, I get a few months off April-June)
- my other vehicles are coated so coating this vehicle will keep my wash routine simple.
- I like the protection it gives

- I have only put 100 miles on it since December

Please note: Iím not a professional and strictly do this for fun / hobby.

Cut to.......

Carpro announces UK 3.0

This was the perfect time to correct and coat

List of products used:

Griots 21 Boss
Griots 18 Boss
Griots 3í


Carpro Essence

Various Griots, Lake Country, chemical guys pads

Carpro eraser
Carpro Leather coating
Carpro Fabric coating
Carpro Dlux
Carpro Cquartz UK 3.0
Carpro GLISS

Back in December the car was decontaminated with:

Griots clay bar
Griots Clay lube
Carpro Trix
Carpro Iron X
And some goof off ( to remove some of the glue left on the car from the factory protective wrap)
The glass was also polished and coated with Carpro flyby30

Notes on UK 3.0
- looks great
- more grabby the Classic
-less grabby the the prior version of UK
- flashing for me was around a minute to a minute 30

Process ( see video)

wash the vehicle

Wednesday & Thursday:
Correct the paint and apply essence

Apply 2 coats of UK 3.0
Apply leather, fabric and Dlux coatings

apply 2 coats of Gliss
Apply Reload (YES, I know reload is not necessary when using GLISS, but what the hell, might as well)

Anyways, see attached video showing the process and the final outcome.


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