I recently coated my wife's 2019 Tiguan with standard cquartz (non uk) about two months ago just about a week after we got it new, with the full recommended prep before hand, and reload spray after. I am not new to detailing and followed ďpan the organizerísĒ tutorial almost to a T. I am surprised to see that the coating is already seeming to loose its sheeting ability on the front of the vehicle and on the lower half of the side of the car. Everywhere else is still very water repellent. Seems to only effect the areas that gets most of the road dirt.

We have only washed it twice with the carpro wash since the coating was put on.

Anyone with similar experience? Is this a sign that I didnt let it cure long enough before wiping off? I did two coatings and it had significant grab when I was wiping it off. Pretty disappointed with the results because I have heard such great things.

Since doing this vehicle I have done 3 more, so I am hoping I donít see the same failures with those.

I just donít really know if the coating still has any protective properties when it loses the hydrophobic sheeting wears off, and if its normal for it to do this so soon.