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Thread: Review - CarPro Cool Pad

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    Review - CarPro Cool Pad

    Thank you Avi for sending this product for review.

    Product: CarPro Cool Pad Hybrid

    6 inch

    5 inch

    3 inch


    6 inch - $13.99

    5 inch – $11.99

    3 inch - $5.99

    Product description from CarPro

    Made for Dual Action & works on Rotary as well

    The Cool Pad is a unique lambs wool and microfiber hybrid buffing pad with a patented design. A highly resilient, integrated air-cooling 3D structure acts as a breathing layer and combines pressure relief, thermo-regulation, and moisture management in one high tech composed, finished product. Developed from a pure New Zealand wool/microfiber woven material backed up with a backing pad which serves as a cooling*interface between the surface and the machine. The functional layer of air space results in multiple benefits and ultimate polishing results. See below to name a few!


    • Time savings due to fast cut and high performance even on delicate surfaces
    • Faster Finishing
    • Decrease in polishing temperature of up to 35%
    • Well suited for polishing plastic-coated heat sensitive surfaces
    • Stability of the pad due to its highly resistant composition
    • Integrated air-cooling nylon gel lattice layer
    • Less risk of holograms
    • Wool and Microfiber Hybrid Buffing pad
    • Use on enamel and delicate wood coating, as well as aerospace and marine coated composite surfaces
    • Flexibility on curved and uneven surfaces
    • Use on both Dual Action or Rotary


    • Contents: 1 Pad
    • Function: Cutting or Compounding Pad with decent finishing abilities relative to cut
    • Polishing Material: Wool and Microfiber Alternating Stripes
    • Interlayer: 3D Cooling Lattice Nylon (Gel Feel)
    • Pores per inch: N/A
    • Hardness: 600kpa
    • Diameter: 3" or 5" or 6" (150mm)
    • Thickness: 3/8" (3/16" Microfiber/Wool Surface / 3/16"*3D Cooling Interlayer
    • Made in: France
    • Color: White and Tan Alternating Stripes
    • Velcro Color: Red


    • Varies with polish but about 4 dots of polish for initial section and 2 dots after pad priming
    • Use enough pressure to avoid pad hop
    • Reduce Pressure towards end of cycle to burnish finish and reduce marring


    • Only recommended for use in experienced hands
    • Pay extra attention to panel edges and repaired areas.
    • We do not recommend the CoolPad on freshly painted panels.
    • Assess paintwork prior to polishing and measure removal rates during use.


    • Machine or Hand wash at low temperature

    I had the opportunity to try these pads out. They are a hybrid material made up of microfiber and wool. They are designed for fast cutting while running cooler than a microfiber or foam pad.

    Avi sent me the 6 inch versions so they did not exactly fit the 5 inch backing plate on Rupes LHR15 MKII. But I used them on a test hood to try them out. The test hood has medium hardness paint.

    I tried to capture a close up of the pads structure. The interface can be seen between the backing plate interface and the material. It looks like velcro but this plastic structure is designed to keep the pad cool.

    A close up of the material. It clearly shows the wool and microfiber design of the pad.

    In this photo I capture what the condition of the test hood is. This is under the 6000K light of the scangrip sun match 2

    Under the 4300K light of the sun match 2

    First up was trying out Clear Cut with this pad. Taking the paints hardness into account, the pad and compound left marring and haze on the paint. It can be seen as tick marks. But the defects have been removed.

    The haze was easily cleaned up with a finishing polish. In this instance Meguiar’s M210. We are left with the deep defects from the clear coat starting to show signs of clear coat fracturing.

    Next up was to try a less aggressive polish with the pad. I don’t have Reflect but I do have Fixer. Again we see the defects on the hood.

    Again we are left with marring and haze from this pad and polish combo on this particular paint. It is less than what was seen with Clear Cut.

    Again Meguiar’s M210 restored the finish under the 6000K lighting of the sun match2.

    Final thoughts:

    These pads definitely do cut faster as my test sections were 3 passes with clear cut and fixer. They also have more cut than a microfiber pad. I would say just by touching the area with my hand, the paint felt cooler. Not a scientific way to test how cool these pads run.

    The pads are going to marr and haze softer paints so expect to follow up with a finishing polish to restore the finish. On harder paints I suspect the finish will of these pads will be better.

    I would say for those that are looking for removing heavy defects fast then these would be the pad to choose.

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    Great to finally see a review for these pads as not many people have explained how to use them. I have had them for 5 years sitting in my detailing box. Haven't been into it for some years and keen to get back into it. I remember these pads cut very easy on GM clear coat and only really need a light polish after to get rid of light haze. Its funny you say that, when I used it, I saw dots in the the clear and realized it was clear coat fail in the form of mini cracks. Scholl s30+ worked great to gloss the paint. Thanks !

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