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Thread: new car coating

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    new car coating

    hey guys I just bought a new g30 bmw its artic white. Car is garage kept till spring so I have lots of time for paint correction... I plan on doing a proper clean and prep for a cquart uk3.0. I bought a 30mil bottle.. I want to know if multipul layers are beneficial or a waste of product.. I was planning on doing as many coats as the bottle will allow.. I will let the car sit 15 min between coats. I plan on doing interior cleaning next which should take me a couple of days so I wont move the car out of the garage for a week.. I also bought a bottle of gliss vs2 again 30ml.. Again I plan on doing as many coats as the bottle will allow.. SOOOOOOOOOOOO..... how many coats of this befor its just a waste of product.. I have a lot of time to work on this car and I want it pristine for spring use out here in Vancouver..

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    Two coates of CQUK 3.0 followed by 1 coat of Gliss is perfectly fine.

    CQUK 3.0 requires 45 min to 1 hour between coats unless you are IR curing. Gliss requires 4 hours after the last coat of CQUK 3.0.

    Use the excess coatings on other areas like wheels.

    Information can be found at these links

    Read "Tips" above before coating

    Wrap a 4" mf Suede around the grey side of applicator block.
    Shake CQuartz UK.
    Slowly open bottle and drag one or two lines of product down the applicator.
    Spread across paint in a criss cross pattern approximately 2 sq ft at a time depending on conditions.
    Buff off as soon as it flashes (within 2-5 minutes depending - see tips above) using a CarPro No Lint Ultra Towel 16" x 16".
    Be sure to remove all excess residue and only then do you move to the next section.
    Switch out the 4" Suedes every 2+/- panels.
    Additional coats may be applied with 45-60 minutes or wait until the following day if you are beyond 60 minutes. CarPro recommends 2 coats. Max Layer - 3 coats.

    Directions: (For use as top coat)
    May be applied 4 hours or longer after CQuartz.
    If IR cured may be applied after 45 minutes from CQuartz application

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