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Thread: Electric Pressure washers

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    Electric Pressure washers

    Hi, I am looking at buying an electric pressure to use with a foam cannon. What should I look for in a pressure washer?

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    Obsessed garage has some good videos on youtube regarding many pressure washer.

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    I personally use an inexpensive RYOBI 1,600 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer from Home Depot.
    Yes, it's great for cars! No, it is only a baby pressure washer and will not peel the paint off your house!
    I like it because it's electric (low maintenance), small (fits on a shelf or a cart) and it is car paint safe.

    Use the gear (bottom right in the YT vid) Watch in HD with sound.

    The biggest part (for me) was getting...
    1) Extension hose...for this particular PW model. The 2nd hose makes it easy to walk around the vehicle.
    2) MTM Hydro PF22.2 Professional Snow Foam Cannon. I like it because the MTM cannon flat out works!
    3) MTM Hydro Pressure Washer Trigger Gun. This makes it short, close and easy to use. No long stick!

    IMHO the MTM Snow Foam Cannon is an excellent investment. That's what makes it all work together.
    Note: I tried some of the inexpensive foam cannons. The MTM Foam Cannon makes a huge difference!

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    I finally pulled the trigger on a Kranzle and it is freak'n amazing. I have my set up on the floor for the ultimate quiet operation attached to a hose reel. I tried it on the wall, but it would vibrate my living room since its an adjacent wall. Now my wife does not complain when I'm washing cars about the noise and the pressure is amazing. I only hope it last for years with no issues. I used to use the Ryobi 1200 psi electric, and it did the job, but on the last two units, the pressure switch would start to go bad causing it so constantly surge on and off, driving me crazy and I was constantly turning it off. The difference with the foam cannon is very noticeable between the two washers.
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    I wish this piece had come out a week ago. I squandered a lot of time and effort in my search for the greatest and/or most powerful electric pressure washer. I trusted Sun Joe's exaggerated figures. Now I've just placed an order for the Greenworks Pro 3000-PSI model and received a $100 discount! I can't wait to put it to use!
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