I have my car coated with x2 cQuartz UK and 1x Gliss like 6ish months ago, so far everything is perfect and product remains strong.
Long story short, for some reason the car was left with rain water parked 2 days and after washing it now has a LOT of water spots all over the hood and roof,

I did tried a heavy wash with Reset and no luck, also used Spotless in small panel, fearing to damage the coating, but water spots were not removed neither, they still present.

Been searching about and my next approach is going to be a light polish/wax with Essence PLUS paired with CarPro recommended Gloss Pad (white), which is supposed to also save and renew to underneath coat.
I will try this on a small panel first and see what happens, but Im in favor with this option as i expect it will not just to remove the water spots but also increase some gloss and clarity to the paint, its not loaded of swirls but a few here and there are starting to appear.

Anyways, the questions are as follows:

  1. Can/Should I decon the paint with IronX before doing Essence PLUS? I am not sure if IronX will harm the coating or not.
    - Reason: i do feel some "Dots/fallouts" specially on the hood, that might even need a mechanical decon like a clay, but I will try to avoid it.
  2. After Essence PLUS is applied and Iím ready/satisfied with the results, can i apply another layer of Gliss?
    - Reason`: I have some leftovers and Gliss is about to expire, so i want to use it, plus, the gliss effect on the car is so satisfying and leaves sooo much slickness that i want to recover it.

A Pro advise on these questions and your suggestions would be much much appreciated.