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Thread: Water etching?

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    Water etching?

    I’ve posted a video below. But I’ve never had this issue. I’ve had 3 ceramic coated cars. All ceramic coated with UK 3.0 , I’ve always used reload and for the last 1.5 year I’ve been using Meguairs CMX as a once or bi monthly quick detailer. I also use a cordless blower to dry the vehicle off. And try to minimize as little touching as possible. When I wash. I use a 2 bucket method. With chemical guys soap. I will sometimes use the cheaper Meguiar’s (deep crystal) as it’s pH neutral, no waxes and no shine or gloss additives. With a chenille microfiber wash mitt.

    I just coated my newest car. I bought a 2015 ZL1 its a dark grey. So it shows more than my other vehicles I’ve owned (light blue and silver) , so I had it professionally paint corrected as I didn’t have the time. I coated with UK 3.0 as I would, used CMX as a booster after 24 hours for the slicker properties. And so far only thing that’s been on the car is pollen. I used only water on a low PSI setting with my pressure washer. Where I am we have some of the best tap water. So I’ve never had issues with hard water.

    I dried it (touchless) both times after spraying the pollen off. It beads water amazingly well. Even better than my other 2 vehicles did with the 2017 and 2018 blends of UK 3.0 , so I was looking at my car. And only on my trunk and hood do I have these water outlines (it appears some sort of etching) But could be something else. That will not come off. With anything. A MF towel, IPA solution, my spray ceramic booster (CMX or reload) .

    My friend says he has some IGL delete or car pro spotless that should work.

    But my question is WHAT CAUSED THIS? So I can avoid in the future!?
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