ScanGrip Diffuser for MultiMatch 3 (Yes the MM 3 diffuser works on both the MM 3 and 2)!
IMHO The Scangrip diffuser is a must-have accessory for the MultiMatch 8, 3, and 2.

Without the diffuser, the sharp, crisp light shows swirls, holograms, and fine scratches.

When you apply the diffuser it makes it easy to see high spots etc. for removing coatings.

I really like this little accessory. I may even do a review on it in the future.
Just adding this little guy the Multimatch 3/2 makes a great shop light too!

The SCANGRIP DIFFUSER allows for easy transformation into a great ambient lighting tool for applying coatings and finding any pesky high spots as you go! It costs about $20.

The light diffuser is designed to spread and soften the light, enabling you to illuminate an entire workspace and avoiding hard shadows.
It gives you increased functionality and new possibilities to adapt your work light even further to the specific work task.

The cover is incredibly smooth and lightweight. The strong built-in magnets make it easy and safe to mount the cover on your SCANGRIP lamp.

Using the SCANGRIP DIFFUSER together with MULTIMATCH 3 increases the functionality of the work light significantly as the diffuser softens and spreads the light on the surface of the car, so you avoid the glare and hard shadows from the light. The SCANGRIP DIFFUSER is especially applicable for checking high spots while coating, as well on car dent repair and detecting dust nibs on painting.

Spreads and softens the light avoiding hard shadows
Illuminates the entire working area – even into the darkest corner
Minimizes reflections and harsh light
Reduces blinding
Fits with:

03.5440 NOVA 3K
03.5441 NOVA 3K C+R
03.6000 NOVA 4 SPS
03.5653 MULTIMATCH 3

and Yes, I found it also fits...

In Short: Adding the diffuser turns the Multimatch 8, 3, and 2 into a great soft shop light.
It also makes a great indoor lighting to check for "high spots" when applying/removing a ceramic coating.