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Thread: Pre-Wash foam?

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    Pre-Wash foam?

    I've worn down, and in places completely removed my 8 month old coating, and I'm fairly sure it is from using a highly alkaline Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam, which has fantastic cleaning power, but it I think overkill for coated cars which come clean much easier. I'd still like to prewash my car with a foam to minimise any dirt before the contact wash. Reset is on the expensive side, and I';m not sure if it has the surfactants to life road Lima nd such without contact? Can anyone recommended pre-wash foam that won't degrade coatings (ie. PH neutral) but still a good cleaner?

    Has anyone else had issue with high-PH cleaners killing your coatings?

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    Reset is going to be your best option from Carpro. You will be using contact on most washes.

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