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Thread: Does ECH2O change water behaviour?

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    Does ECH2O change water behaviour?

    I've decided that I don't want to use toppers anymore on my car since re-coating my vehicle as I feel cquartz uk is a good stand alone topping, plenty hydrophobic and self cleaning, and seems to attract less dust that when I use hydro2 or reload or merlins magic mix. I do however love to use ECH2O at 20:1 for cleaning off the dust and light dirt as it rains quite a lot here. What I gather now, since going un-topped is that cquartz is supposed to be a big grabby rather than slick, and it is this that actually makes the car so hydrophobic. ECH20 does leave a slickness behind, and carpro states it does leave some sio2 as well, so what I'm wondering is If ECH20 does effect the performance of the base coating? I read another used uses eraser as a wipe down after ECH20, and have been doing that, but I'm not sure if it fully removes the slickness/protection component of ECH20? I don't want to foul or clog the base coating so I wonder if I should just be sticking to proper washes with reset?

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    From CarPro.

    Does Ech2o have protection in it?

    Ech2o does have some Sio2 (quartz) protection in it BUT its main focus is on safely cleaning and glossing a variety of surfaces.

    Decon wash every few months and your coating will do just fine. EcH2O won't do much in affecting the coatings performance. It is already diluted at 1:20 which is a pretty low concentration of product.

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