I just bought a CQUK kit with Reload, and this will be my first time applying any sort of protective coating on a vehicle. I will be applying this outdoors since I do not have a garage. I also have a car cover to wrap around my car since it is always parked outdoors. It is still unopened, I am waiting to use it after my CQUK application.

Once I apply my last coat, I am wondering which one of these is the best way to go about this:
  1. Apply last coat, wait 1 hour, cover car for a week, apply Reload. Is 1 hour enough time for CQUK to dry to touch so I can use the car cover without damaging the CQUK coat?
  2. Apply last coat, wait 1 hour, apply reload, cover car for a week. How long after applying Reload should I wait until covering my car?

I live in California, the temp is usually around 70 degrees for me around this time. How long should I wait before buffing off CQUK? Im seeing people say anything between 30s to 3min to warmer summer temperatures.

Thanks in advance!