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Thread: Dlux on soft tonneau

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    Dlux on soft tonneau

    Hi All

    Has any one had any success coating a soft tonneau cover with CarPro DLux

    They are usually made of Vinyl coated fabric.


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    I personally would not use Dlux on a soft movable fabric.
    IMHO Dlux dries hard and could possibly "crack" on vinyl.

    I like to properties of Dlux for longevity.
    ...but in that particular use, I might suggest PERL.

    If anyone else has any feedback? It is appreciated.

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    I would stick with Aerospace 303.
    I’ve had 2 tonneau covers in the last 15 years and 303 has done an amazing job. My covers have held up from freezing snowy weather with salt over roads to the high heat and uv of the south.

    If I remember correctly, Access Cover my brand, recommends 303.

    Edit....I was talking with a friend of mine who owns a boat. He reminded me that 303 is very popular with boating enthusiasts for protecting various items on a boat due to its stout UV protection capabilities.
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    I have a;ways wondered if cquartz leather coating coating would work as it is designed for leather and vinyl. I just don't know how it would hold up to external weather. The other would be cquartz skin. Although designed for PPF & vinyl, I wonder how it would hold up on this material.

    Perl is always the safe option.

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    Ultima tire and trim guard is the way to go.

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