Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of wrapping the front end of my car in PPF, followed by a coat of Carpro Skin. I have a few questions about what CarPro products should/shouldn't be used as part of the process. Here they are:

  1. Can I use Essence under the PPF as part of the paint correction process? I know that you can't apply PFF on top of ceramic coatings because the PFF won't adhere properly, so I'm wondering if the same is true for Essence since it leaves behind a light SiO2 layer
  2. Since it sounds like Essence is great for use on top of PPF, I'm wondering if it should be used as a primer layer for Skin or if Skin is best applied directly to the PFF?
  3. Once Skin is applied, is there anything else I should be doing after that step? For example with CQuartz UK, I know that it's recommended that you apply Reload as a final step, but I don't see any mention of that in the instructions for Skin. I just wanted to confirm that there's nothing else I should be doing after I apply Skin.

Thanks for the help!