I'm looking into finally getting a coating since I'm starting to change my products to the CarPro line fully, Cquartz UK 3.0 to be specific, but I am completely lost and confused about what products to use afterwards for like maintenance/topper.
There is:
Hydro2/Hydro2 lite

While I understand they all do something a bit different, can someone confirm if just using Elixir is good enough because of how often I would use it? In the summer spring and fall seasons, I usually weekly/biweekly wash my car and would use Elixir as a drying aid (currently use beadmaker to top my jescar powerlock). Since I do it often, is that enough paired with Cquartz? In the winter, if some days hit above freezing I could do a waterless wash (currently use ONR but I read that "clogs" the coating) and then dry again with Elixir.

Also I'm not 100% sure the difference between Elixir and Hydro2, or any of these for a matter of fact. Is the product to use here depending on how you plan to maintain your car? For example, someone who would wash once a month would use Reload only while someone who washes every 4-5 months Gliss?