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I know Mike is now at McKee 37 and is doing classes with Nick Rutter. May want to look into that.
I haven’t done a class with the new folks at Autogeek.

Hope this helps…
Here's what I heard...

About 6 years ago Bob McKee sold Autogeek to Vision Investments LLC
Vision Investments had a 5-year lease on the AG building owned by Bob.
Part of the sale was that Bob McKee kept McKee's 37 (with his name on it)
Bob McKee then built a building (about 2 blocks away) for McKee's 37.

When the lease was up on the Autogeek building (that Bob McKee owned) AG moved to another location in Stuart.
Nick Rutter went to work at McKee's 37 doing detailing classes.

Meghan Poirier, Mike Phillips, and Yancy Martinez may have had work contracts with Vision Investments LLC.
When Vision Investments' five years were up, Mike Phillips and Yancy Martinez left and went to 3D Products.

Meghan Poirier recently left Vision Investments/AG and went to work at CarCandy Automotive Detail Products.

I heard the Autogeek-Autopia/Vision Investments has now moved to Texas.

Bob McKee has started Autoforge.net and Nick Rutter and Mike Phillips are working there doing detailing classes.
Autoforge and McKee's 37 are in the original building that Bob McKee owns (Stuart, Fl) and Autogeek started in.

I'm not 100% sure about any of these items. Some is what I heard. Some is what I remember and some may be rumors.