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Thread: CarPro Ech20 as Quick Detailer and Drying Aid

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    CarPro Ech20 as Quick Detailer and Drying Aid

    Hello guys, hope you are doing fine
    I want to use Ech20 as quick detailer and drying aid in dilution ratio 1:20-1:25
    My question is, how's it's slickness, gloss and durability in 1:20-25 ratio? Can it last a week approx on car in this ratio?
    Because majority is using it as rineless/waterless wash so I searched a lot but didn't get my answer as just a few people tested it as QD. Looking forward to your opinions. Thanks in advance

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    It works great as a drying aid and quick detailer. I find 1:20 to be the sweet spot but try to find which ratio you like best. It will leave gloss and slickness more so than protection. It should get you about a week of durability.

    If you are looking for protection then use Elixir.

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