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Thread: Review - CQuartz Leather 2.0

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    Review - CQuartz Leather 2.0

    I recently had the chance to try out the new formulation of the CQuartz leather coating. Avi was gracious enough to send me this along with some of the other new 2021 products.

    Product Link:

    Product Description:

    We are proud to announce CQUARTZ Leather 2.0, which is a natural evolution of the world-renowned leather and vinyl coating CQ Leather.

    ​The new formula is water-based and therefore safe to use on all types of leather, including Nappa leather. The new Leather 2.0 only improves on the hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties, as well as resistance to UV, denim dye coloring, abrasion and stains.

    Thoroughly clean all dirt, moisture, and oils from leather with CARPRO Inside, which leaves no sealant or dressing. Wipe with a damp towel to remove residue if needed.
    Shake well. Pour a line of Leather 2.0 on the applicator sponge.
    Work CQUARTZ Leather 2.0 into the leather including all creases and pores.
    Gently wipe off any excess within 2-3 minutes.
    Let the coating dry for: 1h at 25C or 2h at 15C. We strongly advise using a fan as a drying aid, especially at lower temps.
    Apply a second layer after: 30 min (with fan); 1h (at 25C); 2h (at 15C).

    Touch-dry time: 4 hours
    Full drying time: 12 hours.
    Do not clean the leather during first 3 days.

    Their is an instruction manual with the product that describes the prep and application. Straight forward.

    Unlike the previous version, this one does not come with a suede applicator. Instead it is used with the foam block applicator. This also comes with a pump sprayer and can be used that way. I chose to use it with the included typical coating dropper.

    Overall the coating is easy to use and leaves the leather with a nice finish. It will darken the leather as seen in the photo. It will feel slick. Not slick where one will be sliding around but slick enough to help with the abrasion protection it offers.

    I could not find the durability claims of this new version. I am going to take a guess and say that the 1 to 2 years still applies.

    I don't have durability updates as it needs long term use. But if it is like my past experience with the previous version, then 1 year would be my estimate.

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    Some additional info.

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