Hi All

Have been lurking for a while but this will be my first post.

I plan on installing my first ever coating in a month or so - Cquartz Lite. I'm an enthusiast ant not a professional.

I chose this coating because a) it will be my first and seems relatively simple, b) i like that it only lasts around a year as i plan to make the most of my new DAs and equipment and do a quick clean up of the paint yearly and c) in this fast paced industry it gives a chance to potentially try something else that is released.

I have some questions on application and maintenance before i put my order in that i was hoping people with experience could help with:

1. I will buy the kit with the 2 orange applicator mitts and the towel. I plan on doing 2 coats (i think this is optimal?) - is it one mitt per coat, or both mitts for a single coat? I will also purchase a block and some suede cloths so that i can do the wife's car with the remaining very large bottle.

2. Once i use up the mitts i am thinking 2 suede cloths per application (so 4 for 1 car, 2 coats)? I have read that you use 6-8 towels but not sure if this is per coat or per car. Per car would be 12-16 towels if you were applying 2 coats?

3. As I understand it, i can apply a second coat after an hour. I also have a very cramped single garage with bad lighting and while i've purchased a lot of portable lighting, it still isn't ideal. I plan on backing outside and just doing a once over for high spots in-between coats.

4. I don't plan on using reload if i can help it. The plan is to use Elixir monthly and potentially Elixir cut 1:1 or 1:2 weekly as a drying aid to make it more economical.

5. For washes - I have a big jug of Hyper Wash I was going to use weekly and then use Reset maybe every 3-4 washes.

Thanks all