My wife and I want to detail our cars this summer again and plan on trying out ceramic coatings for the first time. I already bought UK and Gliss and have been waiting to use them.

But our hesitation is this: how do you reapply in two-three years? Do you polish again? If so, I am definitely concerned about polishing every three years on asian factory clear coat (honda and kia). After two to three years most of the coating will have worn off, so we will be removing even more clear each time. We plan on keeping our cars 10+ years. If it was a 4 or 5 year coating I would have no problem with it, but being a two year coating, I don't know if machine polishing every 2 years is a good idea for today's ultra-thin factory asian clears. Is it an option just to wash, decontaminate, clay, and apply again? If there is residual ceramic coating, won't the new layer just adhere on top?

Trying to figure out the process down the road before I go through putting it on our cars.