I'm taking delivery of a new Acura RDX on Wednesday of this coming week.

I am planning on performing a full decontamination of the paint, and DA polishing to remove all paint defects. Will also be finishing with an application of Essence before applying the ceramic coating.

Here's my question that I can't seem to find a really good answer for - I plan to be finished the ceramic coating by late Thursday. I have to make a road trip of about 3 hours on Saturday, and I'm concerned about bugs on the vehicle. Is it OK to remove the bugs using a waterless wash such as ONR if the coating has only cured for about 24-36 hours? If it's important, the temperatures here will be in the low 90s for next week and humidity levels are in the mid-20s.

Obviously I realize that you don't want to wash the vehicle for at least 5-7 days after application of the coating.

I appreciate any advice someone can offer me!