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Thread: Which coating to use

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    Which coating to use

    Hello all, I'm hoping to get some advice about which coating to go with and how much.
    I picked up a 21 Tacoma TRD Sport Premium double cab log bed at the end of March. I had my local detailer apply Stek PPF on the front and I believe they applied Hydr02 to add some protection as I planned to ceramic coat it once I replaced my second vehicle. (I didn't want to buy everything and have it go bad before my second vehicle came in) I now just found out my new 21 Outback Touring XT came in and I'm picking it up on Saturday. I will most likely get the front PPF from Arete Auto Salan, but I have been toying with the idea of getting a PPF kit and trying myself. (I got some pieces for high use areas around the bed and door edge guards I'm going to install on my Tacoma when I get a chance.)

    In the past I've used UK with Reload as a topper. I've also used Dlux on plastic bits and wheels.
    I'm planning to go with UK again, but was wondering about a topper other than Reload as my tacoma is black and Outback is grey so both will show water spots. I see Sic is supposed to help with this as is Gliss. Which would be easier to apply and should I even mess with this?
    The Outback has some body cladding and the Truck has a tonneau cover so I'll get Dlux for these areas and the wheels.
    I'm wondering if Skin is worth it considering I'm not getting my entire cars wrapped in PPF.
    Also, would the topper for over everything for example over UK on paint, over dlux and skin?
    Or should I make it easier on myself and just use UK on everything (I've been told I could do this) and then apply a topper.

    I've coated my last two vehicles, but only one at a time and my previous cars were WRX so quite a bit smaller. I've gotten 30ml kits and had plenty for 2 coats with some extra. Depending on which route I take I'm not sure how much to order either. Any help is appreciated.

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    Tough call on what to use. You could technically use any of the coatings on PPF. Topping UK with either Gliss or SiC is popular. The main difference is that SiC will be more durable than Gliss. Slickness is equivalent. SiC also has a longer flash time while Gliss will haze almost immediately indicating it is ready to be wiped off. UK/SiC is currently a favorite amongst enthusiasts at this moment.

    You could go with Skin for the PPF. The main difference is that Skin will stay flexible rather than hardening like UK.

    I am not a big fan of Reload for maintenance and prefer Elixir. The only time I use Reload is if I am coating someone else's car to ensure it protects the coating for the curing time frame over a week.

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