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Thread: flyby 30 question

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    flyby 30 question

    I am looking at the instructions on application of flyby 30. At the end it says to clean wipers and apply reload. Maybe this is a stupid question, but do you apply reload to the wiper blades or as a topper on the windshield, over the flyby 30?

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    You could do both as part of maintenance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Guz View Post
    You could do both as part of maintenance.
    ^ Agreed

    My thoughts:
    Fly-By-30 / Forte are glass coatings and as such, they are a "hard" coating.
    This is different than dressings/toppers that have more "liquid" lubricity.
    In the event that you need to use your wipers, a glass coating may cause wiper chatter.

    If it were me, I would let the class coating dry/cure for at least 24 hours with the wiper blades up.
    Then before you put the wiper blades down I would lightly wipe down the rubber blade with Reload.

    I have also heard you can put Fly-By on the wiper blade.
    If so, dry/cure the blades for at least 24 hours before putting the blades down on the windshield.

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