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Thread: Another layer of Gliss V2 after 1 year

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    Another layer of Gliss V2 after 1 year

    A year ago I did 2 coats of CQUK 3.0 and 1 coat of Gliss V2.

    I still have half a bottle of Gliss V2 left with no signs of crystallization.

    Could someone critique my plan?

    1. Reset
    2. IronX and TarX (could I just use TriX here?)
    3. Spot treatment with Essence using a white pad (a few minor scratches here and there)
    4. Reset
    5. Gliss V2

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    First off Gliss does not crystallize.

    Keep in mind that spot correcting may not blend well with the remaining coating. Essence will remove the 1 year old coating or at least degrade to the point where it is almost gone.

    From the product FAQ section

    Q. Can it be used on top of Reload, Essence Extreme, or Essence Plus?
    A. No since they will not allow the coating to bond to the surface.

    Q. Is there a time that you should not apply Gliss on top of a CQUARTZ coating?
    A. There is a time at which Gliss is not going to bond as well to a weathered coating. The exact point at which that happens is impossible to say due to all the variables involved and the impossibility of testing each one. What I CAN say is that we tested it on top of a 2-month-old coating with good results and it seems to have bonded well. The prep we would recommend for an aged coating if you are not polishing is as follows:

    1. Wash with CARPRO Reset.
    2. Rinse.
    3. Decontaminate with CARPRO Iron X.
    4. Rinse.
    5. Use CARPRO Spotless (if needed).
    6. Give one final wash again with CARPRO Reset.
    7. Rinse and dry.
    8. Wipe down with CARPRO Eraser.
    9. Coat.

    Q. My coating is a few months old and I want to apply Gliss but Reload has already been applied over the coating, can I still use Gliss?
    A. No, as Reload will not allow the coating to bond to the paint, but if you still want to apply Gliss than the process would be as follows:

    1. Wash with CARPRO Reset.
    2. Decontaminate with Iron X if necessary.
    3. Use CARPRO Tar X (this will pull the oils out of Reload that will prevent Gliss from bonding. Use in shade, do not allow to dwell, and be careful around sensitive plastics)
    4. a. Spray and wipe in Tar X into panel with microfiber and immediately neutralize the Tar X by either rewashing the panel or using a waterless wash such as CARPRO Ech2o (make sure to neutralize Tar X before moving onto next panel) .
    5. Give it one more good wash with CARPRO Reset.
    6. Wipe down with CARPRO Eraser.
    7. Gliss application *If applying over an old coating there is a possibility Gliss may haze up the next day and you can see the application marks. If this happens wiping down the vehicle with CARPRO Ech2o or a damp microfiber will remove it.*
    8. If you choose to apply Reload over Gliss than you must wait a minimum of 12 hrs to allow Gliss to cure.

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