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Thread: SiC application

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    SiC application

    I have used Cquartz UK for several years and loved it, good longevity and ease of use. I recently bought SiC from Autogeek, anticipating using it for the next coating on my truck. Did I misunderstand this to be a lsp, or is it a topper? Some of these posts I read seem to be talking about using it over UK. Also, is there any difference on flash time, and how can I tell it's ready? Looking forward to using this new product.

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    The best video on understanding the flash times. As I mentioned on your autogeek thread SiC is a stand alone coating. But can also be used as a topper over UK.

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    I’ve recently detailed my car after 2 years of waxing. Before that I used Gyeon. I’ve been moving to Carpro products as each one I try is awesome.

    So I went panel by panel doing some with 2 coats of cquartz uk alone, another with 2 coats cquartz and 1 coat sic. And then some with just cquartz sic.

    I applied outside in approx 20degrees heat quite low humidity as it’s entering summer.

    The flash time of sic was pretty much the same as cquartz uk for me. I had read to wait anything from 3-8 minutes to flash so I initially waited a few minutes and had to buff pretty damn swiftly to level. In the end it was the same as cquartz uk, BUT the slickness is OFF THE CHART INSANE. I’m thinking I don’t need the cquartz uk. I’ll just do 2 coats of SiC from now on and top with ech2o as QD. Love it

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