I have been at this for 16 years, part time. I currently left my full time job and have been insanely busy for the last 4 months. I am thinking about continuing to operate through the winter.

I would like to buy a blow up tent, generator, heater, and my own water supply backpack. I am currently using (and always have) a sedan that fits all my supplies. I am not investing in a van or a truck. I also have a 10 by 10 canopy that fits in the trunk and helps me detail in the sun and rain.

Being in Syracuse NY, the winters can get pretty brutal.

I am looking for a recommendations for a tent, generator, water supply backpack and a website to buy supplies. I have been buying them from Walmart but am finding myself blowing through them. It has never really been an issue but being as busy as I have, it is now. I prefer to use products like Mothers and other popular brands. I am open to suggestions on where to get my supplies.

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