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Thread: Review - CQuartz Blackout Tire & Rubber Coating

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    Review - CQuartz Blackout Tire & Rubber Coating

    Prior to me getting to the actual how to and review of the product I will make this statement.


    I say this because as of this moment I will be going away from tire coatings. They have their pros and cons. The biggest con is the removal.

    Product Link:

    Product Description:

    CQUARTZ BlackOut utilizes polysiloxane technology merged with a solvent-based acrylic resin to create an incredibly durable and stunning satin-like appearance for tyres, rubber, and unpainted resin materials. The coating is far more durable than traditional tire dressings while its weak solvent base allows it to be very gentle on tyres with no sticky side effects of silicone based products. This unique formula also inhibits the deterioration of rubber and protects from UV rays. BlackOut even restores the depth, and luster of unpainted resin parts that have deteriorated over time.

    Features& Benefits:
    • Self-cleaning, hydrophobic, salt & chemical resistance.
    • UV resistance.
    • Preserves black matte/satin appearance.
    • No VOC.
    • CARPRO states an expected durability of 6 months.


    • Tires.
    • Rubber.
    • Plastic.

    How To Use:

    1. Wash tires thoroughly with MultiX.
    2. Dry very well!
    3. Pour a line of BlackOut on the tire applicator sponge.
    4. Work in the coat over the tire walls surface. (Add product as needed)
    5. Let the coating dry for a bare minimum of 30 minutes.
    6. To apply a second layer, repeat the steps above.


    • Allow to dry 12 hours minimally before exposure to nasty weather.
    • Avoid soaps and chemicals during first 3 days.
    • Recommended application temperature: 58F ~ 90F.
    • Avoid use on motorcycle tires

    I was sent this product for review and testing by CarPro. Since I am moving away from tire coatings, I had to find a set of tires to use it on. A friend of mine left his car with me for a paint enhancement and ceramic coating. So this was a perfect opportunity to try it out and he can test it out in the real world.

    The most important step prior to using a tire coating is the prep. This will allow the coating to bond to the rubber surface and have the maximum performance.

    Ideally it would be recommended to clean the tires weekly for a few weeks if one is coming from a tire dressing to a tire coating. Tire dressings are absorbed into the tire and cleaning weekly without adding any additional dressing will allow the absorbed product to leach out from driving.

    This will give a fresh canvas to start with and allow the coating to not be impacted by any dressing that is leaching out.

    Unfortunately I did not have that luxury as this car came in with some solvent or silicone tire goop that had to be removed. I achieved this by using the Americana Global Breakdown Wheel & Tire Cleaner which had a big impact on whatever was on the tire. This removed a majority of it. I followed it with a couple rounds of Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner just to ensure the tire was super clean which was indicated by the white suds.

    The BlackOut kit includes a 50ml bottle of coating, instruction manual and a foam tire applicator. My advice would be to not bother using the included tire applicator and use a microfiber applicator or the CarPro microfiber mitt applicator.

    I ended up using an Autofiber coating saver applicator which applies a more even layer and spreads the product out better.

    Two layers are recommend. It is also recommend to not touch or wipe the coating once it is applied to the tire as it will affect the appearance and performance of the coating once it dries.

    Here are the results after two layers on the tires.

    Final Thoughts:

    Overall the application is straight forward. The prep is what will take a majority of time. More work up front for less work in the long term in regards of having the product last months rather than weeks.

    I used about 20-25mls of product from the 50ml bottle. That is applying two layers on these 20 inch tires.

    I can not comment on longevity or durability but this is not the cheapest product in terms of cost.

    Full application video.

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    Looks nice. I read you are “going away from tire coatings”. due to removal problems. May I ask why you would want to remove a tire coating after application? Just being nosy though, I don’t think I’ll ever use a tire coating, it’s just too easy to throw on something after a wash as the prep for a tire coating is insane.
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    Uneven wear of the coating is one reason. Curbing it and trying to repair it is another.

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