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Thread: Review - CarPro ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner

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    Review - CarPro ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner

    Had a chance to use ReTyre this weekend to clean up the tires on one of my vehicles.

    Lets get a couple things straight here. The product works great and does a good job at deep cleaning the tires. The other thing is I don't let my tires get dirty. Most of us in groups like this put more care into keeping our vehicles looking nice. But it still cleaned up the tires well and left them ready for a tire dressing.

    The last thing is I am not a fan of the foaming nozzle for this product. The foaming is great as it will cling to the surface to give the product time to do its work. The downside is that is uses up quite a bit of product. I used half of the bottle on 17 inch low profile tires. The possibility of overusing product is always there. My next test will be with it in a non-foaming nozzle to see how that works. This does not mean that the actual product inside the bottle is bad or does not work. It is quite the opposite.

    Overall it is great to see CarPro have a dedicated tire cleaner that will deep clean and prep the tire for a tire coating where Multi X struggled at that and I would rely on another stronger tire cleaner. Now I can stay in the CarPro product line if I choose to use Cquartz BlackOut.

    I rarely use a dedicated tire cleaner to clean the tires on my vehicles. An APC such as Multi X is more then enough in that aspect. But once in awhile it is good to have something stronger for those times when needed.

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    Thanks, Mike for your CarPro ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner review.
    I truly appreciate your time. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

    It may not be a go-to for every vehicle tire I do but...
    When the tires are brown I have found it difficult to resolve.
    I've been looking forward to a product like this from Carpro.

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