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Thread: Rain throughout the curing process, what can I do?

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    Rain throughout the curing process, what can I do?

    As the title, I have finished coating my car, and parked it in an underground public car park. It will be cured for 24hours tomorrow morning, but there also will be heavy rain for the next 8-10days. But since I have work and the car is needed, what can I do?

    To make matter worse, my own apartment car park has a big huge opening at the back, and rain drop gets on the rear end. It is expensive to park at a public car park 24/7

    I wished I had reload on hand, but I only have elixir with me right now. Will elixir do somewhat a similar job as reload?

    My question is will the coating be fine after 24hours to drive through heavy rain? What can I do ensure the coating doesn't fail?
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    In this situation...

    Reload would be best.
    Elixir is not as strong as it is a QD

    How did it turn out?

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    From the product page. Ideally you would want Reload and not elixir.

    After Tips:
    Keep surface dry for at least one hour after application (For best results keep dry 24 hours).
    Gently wipe any water off the surface during the first 24 hours after application.
    Avoid detergents and chemicals for 5 days after application.
    If it is dry and the air is clean outside then you may park the vehicle in direct sun after application to speed the curing.

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    Use a sacrificial layer of Reload to save the coated surface from waterspotting.

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    Generally, it is recommended to avoid exposing a newly coated car to water for at least 24-48 hours after application to ensure that the coating has fully cured. Exposure to water during the curing process can cause the coating to fail or degrade, resulting in a loss of protection and potentially damaging the coating.

    Since heavy rain is expected for the next 8-10 days and you need to use your car, it may be difficult to avoid exposing it to water. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize the risk of damage to the coating:

    Try to park the car in a covered area or use a car cover to protect it from rain as much as possible.

    If you need to drive the car in the rain, try to avoid driving in standing water or through deep puddles that could potentially splash up onto the car.

    If possible, wait until the coating has fully cured before exposing it to water. This may mean finding alternative transportation or parking arrangements for a few days.

    Regarding the use of elixir, it is difficult to say whether or not it will provide similar protection to reload without knowing the specifics of the products. It is generally recommended to use the same brand and type of coating maintenance products as the coating itself to ensure compatibility and effectiveness.

    In summary, it is important to avoid exposing a newly coated car to water until the coating has fully cured. If you need to use the car during this time, try to minimize exposure to water as much as possible and consider alternative transportation or parking arrangements if necessary.

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