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Thread: Drying agents

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    Drying agents

    I am getting back into doing my own Car detailing. Been watching many different videos in regrades to your water, and water spots. I keep hearing to add a drying agent to city water to break the surface tension of the water. Ok, how is the easiest way to do that for a DIY use? Is there anything in the agent I need to look for?

    Also on a side note, I just seen a video that said to use a spray wax as a drying agent. Does this work, or are they doing a quick sell?

    Thanks for any help.

    My Detailing process

    -rims and tires
    -wheel wells
    -soap and rinse tires, rims and wells
    -bug removal
    -water rinse car
    -pre soap soak
    -full rinse
    -hand wash top to bottom
    -hand dry
    -wax and seal when needed
    -door jabs clean and power wash and seal
    -interior cleaning - carpets, dash, plastics, seats
    -glass - inside
    -wax/seal as needed
    -windows outside
    -rims and tires
    -all black polished and treated

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    I think they may be telling you to spray something on the car while wet, then dry with a microfiber.

    Ive used a lot of different products as “drying agents”. To me they are just an added layer of lubricity and protection that also reduce water spotting. Never a bad move.

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