Hi all,
I was prepping a black Range Rover for paint correction / ceramic and during the decontamination phase, I did my usual iron x and tar x passes after washing. I only let the iron x sit on the paint for about 3 min including light agitation around the vehicle. The car was NOT in direct sunlight - in fact, it was cloudy, and the sun was almost down anyway and the temp was about 65 deg F. After I rinsed it all off and got it into the garage, I noticed some spots left behind the mirror and on the black rims. Is there a chemical way to remove these stains from the plastic / the rims? I tried some very light compound and finishing polish by hand but behind the mirrors is that molded plastic type of surface so I didn't want to make things worse. I have not been able to get this stuff off this plastic nor the rims! Any recommendations would be highly appreciated - I am dying over here and don't know what I'm going to do.
Thank you in advance!