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Thread: Carpro DLux Plastic Trim Longevity and Recoating

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    Carpro DLux Plastic Trim Longevity and Recoating

    First question: I am assuming that after applying this product to exterior plastic trim the product will eventually reach end of life. I'm wondering what it looks like and how it behaves when it reaches end of life. Does the product look like failing clear coat where there is a significant difference in appearance in specific sections where the product has reached end of life vs. where it still has some life left?

    Second question: How does one go about recoating plastic trim after it reaches end of life. In the case of a ceramic coating over paint, one would polish off the old ceramic coating and put on a new one. But, you really can't polish plastic trim like you can paint. What steps does one take to prepare for re-application on plastic trim? If you can't get all the old worn out product off does that degrade the performance of the new application?

    Third question: How does one maintain DLux on plastic. Can I use Carpro Reload?

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    I coat the trim once a year to keep it looking good. It will turn white over time and look splotchy. You can use reload.

    Clean the trim, panel wipe and apply a fresh layer yearly.

    Also trim can be polished as some polishes won't stain trim.

    If you are restoring plastic trim then don't use DLUX and stick with Solution finish and a trim sealant.

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