I am happy to announce that Sky's the Limit Auto Detailing Discussion Forum has been moved to a new hosting server!
The migration to the new hosting server went smoothly! If you have any migration-related issues please let me know.

This migration was done for a few reasons...

1) The new hosting server is MUCH FASTER!
It is lightning quick now! (Up to 20x faster!)
It also works on Cloudflare global CDN.

2) More memory (RAM) and more drive space.
This means that pictures can now be hosted on the forum server.
No more having to host pictures on a 3rd party URL photo server.

7-1-2023 10-00-02 AM.jpg

7-1-2023 9-53-06 AM.jpg

7-1-2023 9-54-09 AM.jpg

Did I mention the new hosting server is MUCH faster?

Please let me know your thoughts on the server migration.