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Thread: When should you reapply UK 3.0?

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    When should you reapply UK 3.0?

    I put UK 3.0 on my car in November 2018 or so. It's a daily driver most of the year. Besides regular washing, I'll apply Reload every 4-6 weeks. I recently purchased Exixir but haven't used is historically.

    This car still remains extremely easy to wash and dry. Water rolls off when rinsing and the air dryer blows off water with ease leaving very little to dry with a towel. To me, the unexperienced with ceramic coatings, this suggests all is well and no need to re apply UK 3.0.

    However, it has been 5 years. Is there still a solid coating? How do I tell? Are these hydrophobic properties due to the coating or Reload or ?

    I have about a month left before it becomes a daily again after the school year starts. I could re apply the coating (assuming I don't faint in the heat lol) but unsure if it is a waste of effort since it seems to be still good.


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    You can do what is referred to as a 3 pH wash to perform a decontamination wash. This will remove any toppers on the coating.

    Pre-Foam with Lift
    Pre-Foam with Descale
    Contact Wash with Reset
    Spray Iron Remover and lightly agitate with a damp microfiber

    If at this point the surface is still very hydrophobic then the coating is still holding up. At this point you can leave it be or panel wipe with Eraser and top it with something like Gliss until you are ready to polish and start over. If you have defects you want to remove from the paint then you might as well start over and polish everything off.

    A coating can last much longer on a garaged vehicle than a daily driver.

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