I purchased a Rupes iBrid Mini HLR75 when they first came out.
The first day I used it (it looks different) I found design flaws.
One of them was how you set it down. Another was the trigger/paddle.

First, you really can't set it on its back like you can most other polishers.
Second, if you accidentally touch the paddle with the power on you get to wear compound.

After my first day, I made a cradle.
This allowed me to set it down with the power on (clean pads, change pads, etc.) without engaging the paddle.
I have used this cradle every day since without accidentally wearing compounds/polishes.
I really like the HLR75 and I probably do 1/3 of every car with it (bumpers, curved areas, etc.)

Even with the cradle, occasionally I found I was still wearing compound if...I grabbed it funny or set it on my lap etc.

Recently Rupes came out with a trigger lock. For me, this has solved accidentally bumping the paddle on the machine.

I like this machine and I use this machine a LOT! With the updates, it has now become a good UX.