I have used UK 3.0 for years and always been quite happy but am considering trying either Quartz or SIC. I just finished applying 2 coats of UK on my new Denali pick up and am thinking of top coating. I live in aniorthern climate and do go to a car wash regularly. This is a daily driver. With the abrasion resistance of the new Quartz am I better off using this as a topper and can it be used on top of fresh (72 hours) UK? I have also ordered SIC and could use this? I also have a new Grand Cherokee Summit (black also) that occasionally sees a car wash but not as much as the Denali. I have not yer coated this truck. What, of the three coatings do you recommend? I love doing the work as I am retired and the cost is not really a cincern. Thanks and glad to be part of the group